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Out of the Abstract, into the Concrete...

Our Home! Sept 2 2017

...or perhaps out of forest and into our walls would be a more fitting title, with framing in full swing at the Radiance site! Alas, I like my title. The shift from abstract to concrete is somewhat analogous to the construction process itself, and is a reasonable foundation for what Radiance means to Carmen and I.

The project has recently gone from something that existed only on paper and in the hearts and minds of those involved, to a physical building that crowns the lot on 18th street and Avenue L that once stood empty. The lot is no longer an extended dance floor to the wind and the weeds, and no longer do we have to depend solely on our imaginations when gazing upon it to envision what will one day be- it looks more and more like a home with the passing days and weeks. It is with utmost excitement that we look forward to the moment that Radiance no longer looks like a home, but is one.

Perhaps ‘out of the abstract and into the concrete’ also captures how we feel about the project in light of climate considerations. There is a paralyzing, ‘abstract’ sea of information and misinformation that we as people are confronted with on a daily basis. Without strong leadership, thinking through the issues can be a daunting task in itself, yet alone determining how to act or react to them. Making our homes more sustainable and energy efficient strikes me as a very concrete step forward, and the co-housing development model makes efficiency more tangible as a goal. In that regard, we feel that Radiance has taken the initiative and both is and will continue to set a very concrete example in Saskatoon for positive action against climate change.

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