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When pets leave

Fall of 2021 will be remembered for more than COVID as it was when we said good bye to both our senior cats at Radiance. Annie went first, a small and precious, and extremely private puss living in Unit 3 with Al and Annette. Two weeks later Wanda and Fred in Unit 6 were in the same position, needing to say good night to their 18 year companion. Chet of Oscarcats was a Rag Doll from Tippy Toes and Ronin, born in Winnipeg in 2003. He had a full pedigree and made sure we all knew of his purebred stock. While he disliked most people in his youth, he enjoyed living in cohousing the last three years and having command of the yard and entering any open door that was on offer. The neighbors were endlessly entertaining. He endured the attentions of Megan and Maury, and loved to check out what was happening with Shelia Anne. He tolerated the new children, allowing them to touch him, as we all hovered in case hair pulling turned to teeth and claws. If Chet could, he would thank Shannon for planting the silver mound and tarragon in the courtyard, his most favorite of all the plants. Most of all, Chet loved his human dad, no baby treatment and excellent boundaries. Solid companions. He will be missed.


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